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Good news for software testers

Good news for software testers aheadThe testing market has good news for our testing professionals.

  •        IT managers have taken a decision that software testers are not responsible for
    the production issues and they shall not be blamed for any product defect
    during delivery.
  •        The next comes the incentive and salary part, software testers shall be rewarded as much as software developer gets by 2020. The management salary has been
    increased by 23% with an immediate effect.

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See what QTP expert has to say

qtpOur expert has worked on the latest version of QTP selenium. He had used beta test to explore QTP. The latest version is worth mentioning due to its advanced features. These days’ new automation tools are being developed to enhance the functionality. Certain functionality can be achieved with the help of breakdown structure. This includes readability, modularity and reusability. The program is fully robust. Hence these data drove tests. We can achieve data driven framework with the help of this new tool.

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What are the major differences between UFT and QTP ?

uft and qtpA new tool has been developed that integrates two most powerful testing products on common platform of IDE. Hence by this tool we have a powerful testing framework for API testing and GUI based applications. These tools are namely:

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The future of QTP testing

paid_robotIf you are a developer who writes a test case, you must be aware that Selenium is the leading technology that is growing fast in the testing market. As we know Selenium is the core area of automated testing and automated testing is the heart of software testing.Many US companies are rapidly increasing their automated testing tools. Hence the developer uses different testing strategies to perform optimized test. If we take a look at the test, we need to run the tests across the browsers.

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Why do you need QTP Selenium ?


Software Testing Industry has evolved over the years; it has gone to Automated testing from manual testing. Testing is an integral part of SDLC. Testing helps to find bugs in the application. Manual Testing involves manually testing each and every parameter. Whereas automated testing involves tools for testing. Currently a new tool for Quality Test Professional has been developed by Jason Huggins. This is Selenium, which is an open source testing tool. Selenium IDE does not require special programming language; it supports only range of applications. It uses Selenese language which is domain specific cross platform language. The language uses accessors, actions and assertions.  Selenium supports data driven testing. It integrates easily with quality control tools.

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How to prioritize test cases ?


A test case is predefined requirements that are used to evaluate the proper functioning of an application .We have faced situations where we require numerous cases with very limited resources, so what do we do now? Which case to execute first? Hence for a successful execution of a job or process we need to learn the process of prioritization This is the most difficult and subjective area of testing. The process is analytic that calculates the risks, costs and values.

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