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Heinz puts SAP Hana in the cloud to boost global efficiency

SAP HANA CertificationFood producer Heinz has implemented SAP HANA to improve efficiency. Davor Brkovich, director of the operations for technology has said to manage on a global scale cloud is beneficial. The business intelligence platform has been integrated in more than 40 countries. SAP HANA has helped to improve performance trends, ability to identify problems and helps to optimize the strategies for sales team. The virtual stream in SAP HANA has helped to deploy a unified business platform globally. Heinz required an intelligent system to deploy these disparate sources of data.

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Business case: A challenge for SAP users

SAP HANA TrainingCost is not only the concern of customers using SAP HANA. They do not find the use of in memory technology today. The companies say that they are unable to identify the business case that would justify the cost of using SAP HANA. There is lack of knowledge regarding the business cases. There has been a reversion to the technology on the various technologies like advanced analytics technologies, database and big data. SAP HANA is not preferred because the workforce lacks the skills for the same. Majority of the population is unaware of the skills that are required for SAP HANA. Since SAP HANA is the new technology that is rising in the market, the widespread adoption requires time and patience. SAP shall support the existing environments in future. The common integration with SAP HANA include Business Warehouse on HANA, Business Suite on HANA, HANA custom analytics, HANA enterprise applications, and HANA Enterprise.

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What is SAP-HANA

SAP-HANSAP-HANA Training and CertificationA is an in-memory database. SAP-HANA is a combination of software and hardware that is used to process the real time data with the help of In-Memory computing. It is the combination column based and row based technology. Data resides in main-memory (RAM) and is not stored on a hard disk. SAP-HANA is used to perform real-time analytics, develop and deploy real time applications. An In-Memory database defines that the entire data is stored in the memory (RAM). Time is not wasted by loading the data from the hard disk to RAM or while processing the data in RAM and the temporary data on hard disk. Hence CPU has a quick access for processing the data when everything is in-memory for the entire period.

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Three Approaches for SAP HANA adoption

SAP HANA Training and CertificationIT executives are spending time working on SAP’s in-memory technology. SAP HANA has become well recognized by the businesses. The in memory technology is speeding the business processes. SAP HANA has increased the accuracy of data for major organizations.  To implement HANA at an organization level, these three approaches can be followed:

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Transform yourself from SAP fresher to an expert

SAP TrainingA lot of effort is required to transform from a fresher level to an expert level. SAP certification does bridge the gap. SAP certification gives you marketability. There are certain qualities which can help you in becoming an expert in SAP. But apart from this one needs passion, configuration and team work. SAP is coming up with new technologies in the market. These qualities are essential in making an expert:

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How SAP is beneficial than other ERP systems?

SAp1Let’s see how SAP is beneficial as ERP system. Clarity is the key aspect for any organization which considers progress for its organisation to increase flexibility and durability of the organisation. SAP is largest revenue software provider for the organisations. Inspite of fierce competition SAP still rules the market. Now lets see the benefits of SAP as the best ERP system are:

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SAP consultant essential skills

SAP2SAP consulting job is demanding and challenging. It requires professionals who have sharp and intellectual knowledge. SAP HANA training has helped in developing professionals with essential skills. The target needs to be delivered efficiently. They need to experiment out of the box and the daily routines. The key factors to be successful in this domain are:

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