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Testing Challenges

QTPIf you create an inventory of a number of the foremost necessary traps in testing, you may notice that in several cases the issues area unit nontechnical. a lot of usually than not, they’re consequences of the take a look at method itself, together with the composition of the take a look at team and whether or not the corporate follows well-integrated processes for formal needs handling management.

The following case stories and instructed remedies will assist you overcome real-life software-testing issues.

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Mistakes a software tester must avoid

Mistakes-a-software-tester-must-avoidToday, software testers play a critical role in testing for programming and analytical skills. A tester thinks out of the box to explore more scenarios and bugs to ensure product quality. These are certain mistakes a tester must avoid:

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Basic concepts of QTP selenium

Basic-concepts-of-QTP-seleniumSelenium is an open source free automated testing tool that is used for for web applications across various different platforms and browsers. It is quite similar functionally to HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) the only difference is that Selenium tries to focus on automated web-based applications.

Selenium is not only a single tool but this is suite software, this tool shall be catering to various testing requirements of an organization. It has four components.

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Mobile App testing with the new Applause App

QTP Selenium Training and CertificationApplication software is an application that consists of computer programs which helps the user to perform a group of coordinated activities and tasks. Mobile industry is booming in the current market. But due to multiple operating systems and many devices in the market, app delight is essential for the users everywhere and every time.  To improve mobile app quality we can use 360° approach. Applause also helps in creating excellent apps for the mobile every time. Applause is being used in “In the wild Testing process”.

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QTP Vs Selenium

QTP TrainingFunctional Testing Tool – QTP has the key feature that can store screenshot of each and every page that has been navigated during the execution. So we can use this as a proof for completing testing process. The accuracy of the report is ensured by writing the Test report automatically to a customized report page. It shall also improve the look and feel of the report.

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Comparing Different Testing Tools

QTP Training and CertificationSoftware Testing is a method to check, verify and validate for a given application. Automation testing is testing with the help of scripts that are automated. Thus we need to execute the scripts to run the applications. QTP Selenium was developed by Jason Huggins. It is an open source testing tool. Simon Stewart developed, now both the tools have been merged to create an awesome tool. Microsoft with Visual studio 2010 introduced Coded UI Test:

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Understand test automation framework with QTP

QTPIn this article, we shall explain the concepts of automation framework for QTP Selenium. It is the method by which we implement scripts for automation in testing projects. It is the method of implementing scripts, preparing data, recovery management, storage of test result and repositories object. The test automation framework should have these main components:

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Types of risks in software testing

Software TestingAre you currently working on developing new test plan for your software project? Have you worked on all the risks in your test plan? Testing process is the last stage while completing a software project, hence testers are always under enormous pressure and time is limited for them. So prioritization plays an important role in the testing process. So we need to test the risk for the tests.

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Good news for software testers

Good news for software testers aheadThe testing market has good news for our testing professionals.

  •        IT managers have taken a decision that software testers are not responsible for
    the production issues and they shall not be blamed for any product defect
    during delivery.
  •        The next comes the incentive and salary part, software testers shall be rewarded as much as software developer gets by 2020. The management salary has been
    increased by 23% with an immediate effect.

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