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Career Prospects with PMP for Non-Project Managers

Career Prospects with PMP for Non - Project Manager

Nowadays, the Project Management Profession (PMP) becomes the most inspiring task for the professionals. If you are willing to do something groundbreaking, then choosing this profession will be an ideal decision. Due to the market demand of this profession, it is now considered as the one among the most acceptable careers. Especially freshers, those who just finished their studies are showing more interest in grabbing these opportunities; since they like to explore their career in most lucrative and challenging way.  If you are interested in the project management, you can start your career in any kind of field; since, project management is something that is required for all kinds of industry sectors.

If you are searching for the job availabilities of project management in the various industry sectors, you have reached the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the career a prospect of PMPs. Surprisingly, there is the multitude of career opportunities in the project management skills in top industry sectors including Information Technology, Banking, Construction, Information Technology-enabled Services and much more. The decision is up to the candidates to choose any of these areas based on their choice.

Prominence of Project Management for Industries

Prominence of Project Management for Industries

Project management is nothing but an act of managing the projects and its deliverable with an aim to offer complete services or products. Each organization follows different ways to carry out their projects. Hence, there is no particular structure for the project management. The way the company used to execute their projects is said to be project management.

Though there are different modules in the project management based on the practice of the organization, there are some common things included in the project management. They are as follows:

  • Identifying requirement
  • Determining clear as well as achievable objectives
  • Taking proper actions to balance competing demands
  • Guaranteeing that the expected result is achieved

Concerning above activities, it is very clear that if there were no scientific strategy to handle the projects of the organization, they would find themselves hard to achieve in the organizational development. Also, they would be uncomfortable in overcoming the innumerable challenges, which the modern technology trends throw at them.

Here are some of the important reasons why companies considering project management seriously:

Without a scientific and structured approach to the action of handling projects and accomplishing purposes, it would be hard for the enterprises to effectively execute their projects within the limitations of scope, time and quality. Hence, it is essential to have a defined and clear framework for the actions to make sure that it is possible to deliver the expected result.

Learn PMP and Get Trained from Industry Experts

Project management in an organization is the art of creating a structure as well as handling the project pledges. This is the main reason organization is searching for the right candidates who can achieve greater control over their project atmosphere and guarantees that the deliverables are being handled successfully.

Essentials of Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers

Essentials of Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers

It is common for the professionals asked to finish projects in their regular work environment regardless of whether they have a necessary skill-set and formal training as like the project managers to manage and streamline the projects in a more structured manner. Leaders and knowledge workers unexpectedly slipped into the position of the project manager.

Of course, even a layperson can be aware that project management is the process and discipline of end-to-end handling tasks within the project life cycle. The project life cycle includes activities like

  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling
  • Resource Managing
  • Budgeting
  • Keeping the morale among the project team

Also, a complicated thing involved here is that all of the above activities need to be carried out simultaneously to achieve the objectives of the project on time and specified quality. It is also essential to ensure the quality as well as a performance with the strategic determination of the organization.  In addition to the accountable factors like closure and delivery of the project, the success of a project also depends on the way in which the project was executed.

Hence the non-project managers those who don’t have proper experience in the project management need to have the proper training to be familiar with tools as well as the techniques required to efficiently manage, lead, execute and analyze projects in their day-to-day operations.

Generally, the non-project managers lack the following qualities:

  • Time management
  • Persuasion skills
  • Formal process or project training
  • Scope creep

The lack of the above qualities increases the possibility of project disappointment costing companies money, time and employee morale. Hence, managing project without proper skill will lead to discoursing and frustrating. If you are planning to build a systematic approach to handling your projects, it is essential to possesses project management skills. PMP certification is the best option to simplify your project management process.

Without the proper project management skills, organizations and managers would determine themselves facing a chaotic and unpredictable environment over which they’ve little control. Hence, project management certification is both essential and necessary for the victory of the project.

Job Opportunities with PMP Certification for Non-Project Managers

Experts had predicted that there would be around 15.7 million project management jobs by the year 2020.  A gigantic 37 percent raise in the result of project-exhaustive industries like Finance, Manufacturing, IT, Construction and ONG.

Certified PMPs can be paid up to the average pay of $109,405. The common questions that most of the professions arise are “Will, PMP certification supports to have a well-paid job?” Today, having certification in PMP is seen as a massive benefit by recruiters and candidates. An increasing number of aspirants have started to enroll for PMP certification courses evidence that they understand the immense value of these certifications and the recruiters would prefer their candidature when compared to non-certified professionals.

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PMP is one among the best certifications to acquire regardless of the industry and professional background of the candidates. PMP continues to be popular among professionals since it remains as the role that offers a high salary. Regardless of gender, women who are having the PMP certification earn more than women who are certified in other fields.

The approach used to manage projects requires constant change; hence, a company, which is building projects, will require standard and formal project management approaches to be applied. In addition to these, abundant of projects regardless of small or large is rising continuously. Because of these two reasons, the demands of these professionals will remain high in the job market for a long time.

Benefits of PMP to get an Amazing Job

1. Makes Your Resume More Impressive

Since the PMP certification is universally accepted, there are definite fundamentals that candidates must fulfill to acquire the certification. Achieving these fundamentals is something that is considered high regard by the employers since it requires effort, time and commitment. Hence, PMP certification will add an amazing value to the resume of candidates, who is having PMP certification and planning to start a career in the project management field. In addition, this certification also brings the career of the candidates who are already in the project management field and includes necessary experience track to the next range.

In an interview, the consulting manager of Key Consulting, Kevin Archbold, says that many recruiters filtered their applicants into two groups: one, which includes the resumes with the PMP certification stamp and another, which includes the resumes without it.

Most of the recruiters refer the PMP certification over the master’s degree.  Though master’s degree is a valuable thing to acquire, having certification evidence the recruiter that the candidate possesses proven experience and have been passed rigorous criteria. The PMP qualification provides training in handling projects in the industry with wide range exposure to industry projects. Because of this, most of the industries provide more weight to this certification than to others.

The following are some of the industries, which consider only the candidates who have foundational certifications:

  • Defense
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace
  • Financial Services

PMP Project managers have invested the notable amount of effort and time to attain PMP certification that means that they are eligible for project management commitment as a profession. Though you do not want to work as project manager for your entire lives, knowing the importance of this certification will bring you a step forward in your career. This proves that there are regulated opportunities out there these days for project management and it necessitates the PMP certification.

7 advantages of PMP certification for the much needed breakthrough

2. Earn Higher Salaries

Once a certified profession cleared the interview screen, there is a good opportunity since he will earn more than one would without certification. Based on the survey of thirty thousand project management professionals in 2011, it is found that PMP professionals in the US have received an average of $111, 824 as their annual salary whereas the project managers without the PMP certification were received $97,829 as their average compensation. Surprisingly, there is nearly $14,000 variation.

Salary Survey of Projet Management Institute

Source: Salary Survey of Project Management Institute, 7th Edition

The above table illustrates the annual salary of project management professionals. In addition, project management professionals with the certification also feel secure and comfortable in their earning capability. A study states that the 76% of the professionals with certification expected their compensation to rise in the next year, while only 2% expected it to reduction. This remains as evidence that PMP certification can be enough to enhance the salary range. Some professionals find that their salary was doubled immediately after they completed the PMP training course.

  1. Supports to Learn a Common Language

PMP certification not only improves the salary and job prospects, the PMP training teaches the candidates to speak a common language, which vibrates with executives and co-working project managers. Before training, candidates might find difficult to articulate some essential factors of the project charter.

The following are the most important project charter aspects:

  • Project goal
  • Resource required (including material, human and financial)
  • Project assumptions
  • Risks and constraints

Acquiring an understanding of a project management framework offers the candidates the chance to communicate with and speak with vendors as well as clients on a range of playing fields. PMP remains as a common language, and it can reduce the requirement for an explanation when conversing.  PMP training supports to achieve proficiency in the common standard language used in project management.

Some professionals think that it is possible to have these best practices and skills without formal training. There is something to state for the standardization, which formal training brings. Candidates will be operative at their jobs and can understand why aspects are done in a definite way if they completed formal training. Sometimes, project managers will require working with certified professionals who happen to use certain terms in a particular way, hence it is helpful to understand their conversation.

  1. Networking Chances

The candidates required to become a PMI member if they want to enroll PMP certification. This, in turn, announces the candidates to the PMP certified world. Based on the PMI’s Annual report of 2013, there were around 628,363-Project Management Institute spread around the world, and the membership amount continues to raise every year. The Project Management Institute hosts meeting often in the major metropolitan regions, where members of PMI assembles to learn more details regarding the project management concept and network.

  1. Experience Brings to the Next Level

As discussed earlier, the PMP certification requires the candidates to meet a certain set of fundamentals that are apprehended in high approval by the recruiters. To complete the certification successfully, candidates require having a high range of experience. The eligibility criteria for this exam include that the candidates should have an associate degree and a minimum of five years of experience.  The certification includes a rigorous audit process to guarantee that the candidates are truthful about their scenarios. Hence, then resume with a certification stamp ensure the employers that the candidate has put their entire effort to accomplish this certification and he has notable work experience. This proves that your certification will convey the essential things that you’ve attached.

Essential Facts about PMP Certification

Certification Information

The main reason why the PMP certification is most valuable is that PMI (Project Management Institute) issues this certification. PMI includes severe criteria and tough procedures to pass this certification.

Wondering how to seek PMP Certification? 

Two groups of people are eligible to pursue PMP certification:

  1. The first group includes the candidates who have completed college degrees. Aspirants of this group must possess 4500 hours of non-overlapping, continuous experience in project management for 36 successive months within the previous 5 years.
  2. The second group includes the project managers who haven’t finished college. Professionals belongs to this group must possess 7500 hours of non-overlapping, continuous experience in project management for successive 5 years over a 8 year period.

Both of these groups must show that they comprise 35 hours of training in project management within the previous 10 years. The project managers who are eligible to meet either group must submit an eligible application with the Project Management Institute. Once the Project Management Institute analyzes the application and identifies whether that candidate is eligible for the exam. Then they release the eligibility letter to the candidates. It is essential to mention that this certification exam is a tough one.

Once the candidates become certified professionals, the advantages are countless to both the employer and employee. Employees are assured with high salaries, better job prospects, and job promotions. Recruiters ensure that they have recruited project managers who possess a core potential in project management as well as vital experience to function as a project manager. Researchers have evidence that the project handled by professionals who haven’t certified project managers comprise only a 25 percent possibility of success. On the other hand, projects handled by the professional who possesses knowledge in tools and techniques of project management comprise a 75 percent success rate.

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The practice of project management has become unavoidable to the project managers in the modern industry.  They are responsible for forming the fundamentals of what is attained in the course of the project lifecycle. PMP certification is becoming vital in most of the industries. Since, it serves as the long-term career investment.

If you have any query regarding PMP training and certification, Please mention them in the comment section.

These Project Management trends are hugely anticipated in 2016-17

More than 50% of projects in IT and Business Consulting landscape fail due to inconsistent communication amongst people across hierarchies. It is ironical that one of the most popular careers is stapled with shocking facts. It’s high time that gaps causing such failures are realized and acted upon soon. After technology had its share of successful evolution, management trends are all set to transmute the way projects are executed.

After trials, Agile Methodology will stay and rule 

It rules product development and has finally seen the dawn in management. Iterative in behavior, Agile Methodology encourages quick adaptation and better response in extempore scenarios. Ultimately, smarter risk assessment and synced customer expectation are achieved. While more teams will follow in months to come, Agility shall be at peak in the subsequent years.

Greater emphasis on technical skills

Just high-level understanding of technical execution shall not be accepted anymore. Inability to foresee flaws in realization phase and relying too much on enforcing tightened deadlines highlighted the need for sound technical knowledge of the subject. Add more technical consultants flocking towards Project Management courses that have incepted more choices.
Mark it – Experienced engineers with fine-tuned management skills are the rising stars.


Tapping upon Non-PM areas

PM techniques are steadily being adopted into monitoring smaller yet critical tasks in diversified business areas. Beyond design and build only, Project Management impact could gain momentum in Sales, Marketing and even Logistics. The demarcation between PM and Non –PM shall blur in next 15 months or less.


Dedicated roles in Presales Engagement

It has done well in SME sector that let you perform multiple roles. Capitalizing on the benefits, the bigger players too shall ask Project Managers engage with potential clients at an early stage.  It means more exposure and a better understanding of customer’s nascent perception at the solution. Binding strategy – development teams together will encourage leaner approach.

The rising trend of Distributed teams

Trends have it that ‘Remote Work’ will gain more acceptance. Offshore delivery will be driven by a distributed team spread across locations thereby throwing new challenges in keeping everyone intact. Challenges such as easier system access, time zone differences, tools for conducting team meetings and client data security have been included in all Project Management training courses, tapping upon cloud solutions and data sharing across personalized devices.

Shifting focus from larger hierarchies to smarter teams

Perhaps the most important and talked about trend calls for nourishing every resource with new skills; encouraging constructive ideas from all and improvise the ways of working. This shall surely have it influence over the existing trend of large operational hierarchies with exclusive go to persons for every task. The idea is to involve more employees come up with inputs and ultimately shorten the reporting ladder. More skills and reduced employees for increased productivity is setting in fast.

Emails shall be replaced

Tracking mail trails for exclusive issues is both confusing and time-consuming. Add to it the risk of shooting confidential emails to wrong recipients. Also, bringing everyone on board for a conference chat is not possible. Project Management has evolved and use of centralized project management communication tools are both beneficial and already popular. Check for Slack, FlowDock, and Yammer.

More PM courses in picture

Look beyond Failed PMP attempts and check for different courses in Project ManagementProfessional Project Management training is becoming increasingly popular amongst experienced managers and beginners. For some, it’s an added skill set in the profile while for others it’s a necessity to meet extempore challenges in the market.


Why it’s high time that Project Managers prioritize Portfolio Management

How do project managers estimate potential returns on doing a particular project? Project portfolio management considers complex processes, analysis and technology of existing as well as future projects finalized. Focused at forecasting success rates and company’s future prospects, portfolio management is an essential area to look into.

Project portfolio management presents a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process. Here is how this happens:

  • Project managers – It provides easy access to team members, so collaborating between them becomes super easy
  • Stakeholders – Continuous supply of feedback regarding progress of the project
  • Team members – Significant improvement in communication with the teammates and leadership capabilities

Make sure you ask for the subject while pursuing  

PMP Training


Hones Risk Management abilities in Managers

One must understand that taking bigger risks does not simply equate to bigger rewards. At times, less than intelligent decision making can lead to disastrous consequences. Hence the project managers ought to resort to smart decision making in order to achieve success.


pmp training


With Project portfolio management, companies could plan smartly for upcoming projects and accurately predict the outcomes. Some obvious questions include –

  • Are the requisite resources and budget for a particular project readily available?
  • Can this project be modeled on an existing project?
  • Would the progress on this project be hindered by any current project?
  • Are the expectations of various stakeholders relevant and what are the avenues where the company would need to compromise on various accounts?
  • Whether the project would lead to meeting the overall objectives as an organization?

Managers can seek help from PPM in several other ways. For instance, they can obtain detailed breakdown of costs, resources, timelines, tasks and overall goals. Depending on the available information, they can take stock of their risk taking capabilities in regards to current projects running in the company. In addition, they can analyze whether it would make perfect sense to go forward with an upcoming project or not! There are a whole lot of possibilities regarding what can be achieved with its help.

How does Project Portfolio Management (PPM) help in risk mitigation?

It is quite incredible to know that PPM can help in significant mitigation of risks. With its help, project managers can obtain a bird’s eye view of the overall project and predict correctly where things can go wrong and mistakes can occur. Hence, corrective action can be taken in time and mistakes could be minimized! A smart manager would take its help to predict potential risks and necessary action be taken well in advance. In this way, potential delays can be avoided, thereby leading to timely delivery of the project and happy customers!

Here is what risk mitigation can lead to:

  • Organizational goals can be aligned with every single proposed project
  • Effective risk and reward management
  • Identification and mitigation of potential design flaws and bottlenecks at an early level

There are an incredible lot of things that could be achieved with portfolio management. Managers are going to find their hands full when they utilize the technique for managing their projects better and letting their companies take intelligent decisions.

Thus, portfolio understanding is an integral part of a project processes.
pmp training

Must focus upon portfolios and help the aspirants from beginning.

Explore more about PPM before plunging at any offered course. Probe more and act wisely.


How Project Managers can Manage Virtual Teams

Virtual team worker is defined as those individuals who work from home one or more days in a week.  The project managers must often manage remote employees to ensure that the quality of work is not tapered down. A team may consist of different people working from different locations. An effective management of these virtual team workers requires skills that enable them in achieving the goals.


Source: http://www.elitevirtualteam.co.uk/

The project manager is responsible for managing the in-house team and virtual teams. In order to manage the virtual teams effectively, the project manager must need to use strategies to understand the team members. Below are some key aspects that allow the project manager to focus on having an effective virtual team.

1. Set and Manage Goals

Every project has goals and objectives set by the project managers. When you have a virtual team, it is important to communicate these to the team. As the team cannot physically walk into the office every day to clarify their doubts, review the goal statements, or attending any meetings. Virtual team inclusion is crucial. Therefore, project managers must find ways to make the team readily available at the work site.

2. Constant Communication

Communication is the basic tool to keep everyone updated about the project. As virtual team workers may have face-to-face interaction at the initial stages, later they are connected through electronic forms of communication.  The project manager must be highly perceptive if the team has multi-national. An effective communication unifies both team and work that help in achieving the goals. The communication channels like video conferencing, webinars, chats, and other tools are used as platforms to arrange meetings.

3. Motivate Virtual Teams

As the virtual teams work in a completely different environment and are disconnected from the other team members, project managers must find ways to keep them engaged and motivated till the completion of the project. Scheduling of regular meetings helps the team members to get updates about the work and maximize efficiency. Besides this, regular phone calls and web meetings enable the project manager to understand the virtual team better.

4. Regular Assessment and Implementation of Actions

The virtual team worker may have adapted different work styles and timings. A project manager must assess the work of virtual team worker frequently to ensure that he or she is not being disconnected from the project. Maintaining strict deadlines for delivery of materials with appropriate description can reduce the risks. Some virtual team workers may work in different time zones, but it is recommended to have all the team members working online for at least three to four hours per day. If certain conditions are not met, a project manager must implement appropriate actions to resolve any issues.

Today’s world encompasses high number of virtual teams. The scope of the project offers great harnessing of talents from multiple locations. These teams need effective management by project managers to achieve the requirements of the project. Additionally, project managers must be able to assess the abilities and risks associated with having a virtual team.

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Growing Career Opportunities for Project Management Professionals in various Industries


Projects play a vital role in a company’s growth. The increasing number of projects in various industries has led to the shortage of skills in the current labour pool. This has given a rise for the necessity of filling the skill gap, for efficient management of projects. For this, the companies are in need of Project Management Professionals or PMPs.

Project management is a skill, and it has to be acquired through a structured learning program. The Project Management Institute or PMI offers PMP Certification, which gives an ability to the prospective Project managers, to efficiently meet the strategic requirements of projects and confidently face the employers of various industries across the globe.

Information Technology

From the last decade, Information technology has opened up several job opportunities. In the United States, IT generates the highest number of jobs, as compared to any other industry, according to an IT Research Firm, IDC. Bigger IT companies in the USA, are taking over the smaller ones, thus expanding their business and operations. The expansion in operations has led an outsourcing, to the emerging markets in Asia. This has resulted in the hiring of resources from various cultural backgrounds. As a result, the IT companies are in need of Project managers, who have a standardized set of skills for managing a team and carrying out projects successfully.

Oil and Energy

Recent discoveries in the field of oil, gases and energy have opened up several career opportunities for Project managers. The discovery of new oil fields and advanced fossil fuel extraction technology has given rise to several projects. For example, recent discovery of an inactive oil field, off the coast of Brazil, and energy fields in the North Sea region of Europe, has a good potential for becoming the biggest oil producers. However, Brazil and European countries are facing a shortage of skill, including project management skills in the current work force. The gap is getting bridged through the hiring of people with good project management skills.


Improved healthcare at lower cost is giving rise to a tough competition in the healthcare industry. In the US, Patient Protection and Affordable Care is very crucial for private insurance companies. Thus, by 2017, there will be a huge generation of healthcare projects, which will in turn generate a revenue of USD$23 billion, according to CIO insights. In addition, healthcare sector is making a shift towards having digital records, thus resulting in the use of mobile devices, social media and data analytics. Henceforth, there will be a huge requirement for Project managers with IT skills in the healthcare industry.


Defence companies have been operating very efficiently with less number of staffs and complex regulations. This requires a strategic vision, for identifying key projects and then driving them towards achieving strategic goals. Such a competitive environment is creating a need for Project management Professionals, for streamlining the movement of US Air Force equipment, supplies and staffs around the globe.


From the past decade, Global construction market has seen a tremendous growth. By 2025, the construction industry is predicted to grow more than 70 percent and the major growth will be concentrated in three countries, namely China, United States and India, according to PwC Survey. The project management as a profession, is not as grown in Asia, as it is seen in developed countries. India, which is getting overpopulated, is facing an issue with regard to the infrastructure to suffice the growth. This issue has created a need for more than 1 million skilled Project managers for managing infrastructure projects, requiring compliance with complex regulations.


The increasing accounting scandals have resulted in the increase of complex compliance projects for financial institutions. Many of these organizations are now ready for a stringent auditing process, for focusing on their growth. This has given a rise to the necessity of bridging the talent gap. More than half of all the financial institutions’ CEOs are experiencing a shortage of key skills in the available workforce, which has led to a threat to their growth, according to a global PwC survey. Finance jobs in risk management now require candidates to have a degree in finance, along with certifications and skills in project management.

The PMP certification offered by PMI is a program, which does not focus on one industry or domain, unlike most of other certifications does. It focusses purely on the development of project management skill, a niche skill, which can be applied to the success of any project across various industries and domains.

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7 advantages of PMP certification for the much needed breakthrough

More than 80% of high performing projects are directed by PMP professionals

450 k Management consultants in the world are PMP certified. The difference they have garnered in their growth has stapled for the unquestionable PMP significance. It is tough, expensive and extracts the most out of your management understanding.

You are surely a step ahead of the league if pursuing PMP Certification is on your plans. Be prepared to seek the following advantages once you sail through the excruciating examination.

Brings in Great work opportunities

Not just any other certification program, sailing through PMP is tough and thus the rising expectations. As a PMP professional, you can expect challenging yet interesting job roles that are beyond the skills of a regular manager. This helps you take up lead roles and implement your personalized approach at resolving gaps. The PMP certificate attests your ability to resolve critical issues with no major aftermaths.

PMP Certification

It is accepted worldwide

Eliminating all instabilities, PMP has a global influence, sometimes more than your post graduate degree. Covering all industries such as Technology, Finance, Research, Telecom, Production etc, PMP lets you access opportunities in different countries. It staples you as a recognized Project Management professional.

Pitches for attractive salary hike

Greater job roles convert to higher salaries! While the motive of pursuing courses boils to more money, PMP professionals have successfully earned 15% higher increments than their competitors. As a PMP professional, you can ask for significant salary hike against tougher outputs expected out of you. Not everybody clears PMP and thus not everybody gets such perks.

Encourages better management skills

Evaluation lays the foundation for management roles. PMP learning will put you through the most challenging cases where immediate resource requirement versus available manpower gave nightmares. As a PMP professional, you become wiser in mapping skills and eradicate the gaps. Better evaluation converts to reliable workforce and thus the optimal performance.

Works in Professional Networking

PMP Certification plus penchant with social networking lets you access the finest professionals in the industry. If you are active with community forums, experienced PMP certificate holders will share their valuable stint post certification. This works as a significant add-on to your qualification. Also, easier access to the best opportunities gets rolling.

Attests your commitment towards the role

PMP certification is an expensive affair and requires numerous pre-requisites to be eligible. Thus, only with strong management experience and the passion for excelling on similar lines will pursue it. Believe it or not, but an attested commitment that you don’t have plans to switch roles or retire is a great value added to your profile. Enterprises want people with indefinite commitment and PMP validates it all.

Hones your skills like no one else

PMP teaches you what your years of project management couldn’t. Thus, your PMP learning begins where most people retire. Beyond your understanding of supervising a project, PMP walks you through 5 stages of – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Closing. With a deep focus on every stage, you get to challenge your inner self and think of more innovative ways. Ultimately, you are a better decision maker and highly valuable to people around.

All set for the course? Let a trusted course provider assist you with the appropriate steps.

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Your Key To Career Opportunities In Project Management


What is PMP?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. It is a globally recognized certificate which shows the certificate holder is qualified, knowledgeable and competent in the field of project management. PMP Is one of the most sought out certification in the world. Almost all leading companies prefer getting a professional who are PMP certified.

Project Management provides jobs to people in plethora of industries. Project Management Professionals are required in every industry that you can think of – be it Automobile, Toys, Recycling, Mobiles or any other industry on the planet.

Who is it for?

PMP as the name suggests is for people looking for an exciting and well-paid career in Project Management. PMP is an essential certification for anyone who wishes to take up management and leading roles in the industry.

Also, people who have a PMP certification on their resume are the ones which are viewed first as it gives you an advantage over others.

Every company from every stream is creating new projects and everyone wants a Project Manager. It does not matter which industry you are from, be it FMCG, Defense, Construction, Energy, Pharmacy, IT or any other field, everyone needs a Project Manager. So, if you are looking for a well-paid job in your industry, you should go for PMP certification.

Job Opportunities

Every company works on long-term projects which require great management of time, risk, cost, quality, scope and many other factors. Established companies who have good reputation in the market seek well-trained and talented PMP Professionals. So, you can be rest assured that you will have plenty of job opportunities once you are PMP certified.

With the increasing number of entrepreneurs and start-ups, there is an increase in the demand for PMP certified professionals. More and more jobs are being available for management roles in start-ups as well as giant companies. You can easily expect an almost two-fold increase in your currently expected salary once you are PMP Certified.

Job roles

There are many roles for which a PMP professional can get hired. Since the project management involves many things to be learnt, the job roles available for the same are also in abundance.

Here are a list of Job roles that you will get if you get a certification in PMP: –

  1. Project Manager
  2. IT Project Manager
  3. Process Manager
  4. PMP Certified Project Manager
  5. Senior Project Manager
  6. Tech Project Manager
  7. Construction Project Manager
  8. Infrastructure Project Manager
  9. Project Lead
  10. Program Manager
  11. Project Consultant
  12. Process Consultant
  13. Technical support Manager
  14. Engineering Project Manager

And many more jobs which are suitable for your field.

How to get PMP Training?

You can join any online program to get training in PMP or you can join a course which is closest to your locality. PMP Training is best done with experts. Those who have had project management experience are the best trainers for PMP.

At ZaranTech, we provide high-quality training with experts teaching the students in a very simple and interactive way. ZaranTech teaches all the important aspects of PMP such as Scope Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Cost Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management and all other modules of PMP.

We provide in-depth case studies like no other institute. Sample case studies are from “Healthcare System” and “Asset Management System”. Having fully completed case studies is what separates ZaranTech from the rest of the institutes in the industry.

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Time : Tuesday March 15th, 2016 @ 8:00 pm CST

You are most welcome to join our Upcoming batch, details of the same as follows:

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Batch Start Date : 20th March , 2016 @ 10:00 am CST
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Class Schedule Sat-Sun 10:00 am CST

Contact : Mike@ 515-309-2159, Email :[email protected]

Video by Trainer Hasnain

Attend a Live WEBINAR about PMP Training on 15-March-16 @8:00 PM CST. Register Link  – https://goo.gl/ubv2p1

Attend a Live WEBINAR about PMP Training on 28-January-2016 @7:30 PM CST ‪#‎ZaranTech‬


Time : Sunday January 28th, 2016 @ 7:30 pm CST

You are most welcome to join our Upcoming batch, details of the same is as follows:

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Batch Start Date : 30th January , 2016 @ 9:00 am CST
For More Information http://goo.gl/1qHggt
Class Schedule Sat-Sun 9:00 am CST

Contact : Mike@ 515-309-2159, Email :[email protected]

Video by Trainer Hasnain

Attend a Live WEBINAR about PMP Training on 28-January-16 @7:30 PM CST. Register Link  – https://goo.gl/ubv2p1