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Improve your performance in job interview

ZaranTech e-LearningHere are some Job interview tips for our job interviewees:

  1. Conduct Market about the company. Try to learn more about their products, services, trends, competitors and priorities.
  2. Be prepared with the answers for the questions you shall be asked.
  3. Try to identify your strengths and weak areas.
  4. Prepare the questions that you shall be asking in the interview from the interviewer. Make sure your resume is up to date.

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Job seekers, it’s time to get hired

ZaranTech TrainingThe task of seeking a job can be tiring and time consuming. The process starts from secretly stalking the career page of your dream company to sending endless job applications into the black hole of job portals. Job searching can feel like a job quickly. LinkedIn has launched a new Job Search app for Android. The app has been built specially for Android smartphones. The job markets have become even more competitive. Thus one must know how to take advantage of the job seeking tools available in the market.

Here are some points to keep in mind for your job search:

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Trends for Information Technology in 2015


ZaranTech IT TrainingInformation Technology was dominated by several trends in the year 2014 that included the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. There was barely any day without technologies like big data and cyber security.

Presently we have entered 2015; these information technology trends are still the point of discussion. Certain predictions have been made for the coming year:

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Seven Ways to get promotion

ZaranTech E-LearningGetting a promotion in an organisation isn’t always easy, but if a thorough analysis is done we can create a research and career plan. Here is a seven step process:

Step 1: Current performance must be analysed: Promotion happen only when you deliver an outstanding performance. Try to analyse daily jobs and the performance expectation by manager.

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What will E-Learning future look like?

zarantechWhat will a training classroom look like in the next fifty years?

The technologies that we are learning today were not imagined years ago. These technological changes have occurred over the past few years. This has led to change in the nature of the classroom, teaching and learning methodologies.

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Revelations from Informatica world

Informatica Training and CertificationThe chaos of Big Data has been brought to order by Informatica

Deployment can be done anywhere and mapping can be done once. Vibe engine empowers Informatica products and helps in data management capabilities of the applications. Hadoop and Informatica have the ability to leverage Hadoop. One does not require the knowledge of MapReduce. Vibe engine has been successful in bringing an order to the chaos created by Big Data.

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Impacts of Business trends on career

PMP Training and CertificationGlobal companies are in competition and this has led to business trends taking a new shape. One must try to understand how these trends contribute to business success. These days corporate merger are on rise due to outsourcing. There are six tips to help you navigate these business trends as PMP professional:

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Why Big Corporates prefer ZaranTech for their training needs?

ZaranTechCorporates are taking over every sphere of the market. These corporates have helped individuals to pursue their career in the competitive world. Employees are the strength for the company. Employee skills must be upgraded for the benefit of the company. Employees can upgrade their skills from time to time with the help of technology. Businesses go for employee training these days because:

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Project Manager’s view on PMP certification

PMPThe PMP certification defines the common framework for the project managers to work. Once you are certified you need to apply the tools and techniques for the projects. While competing for senior positions the managers need to manage complex projects. Certification helps to acknowledge skills and experience on global basis. In this article we shall see the project managers take on PMP certification.

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All you know about Informatica

InformaticaInformatica is the new integration tool that supports data extraction, data loading and data transformation.  It is a user friendly tool that helps in operation like drag and drop that is defined as transformation of data or different objects. It shall also design the flow of process. This design of flow diagrams is known as process of mapping. This mapping is scheduled to run. Informatica helps in extracting data from a given source, transformation and then finally loading the data to the source of target database. The major advantage of Informatica is that it can coordinate with all types of sources of data like mainframe, RDBMS, XML or SAP. IT can also help in moving the data.

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