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Reasons why SAP HANA is the Best Career move

SAP HANA is the Best Career move

With the development of digital technology, today’s world becomes more creative and dazzling. The development of future technologies and systems leads to the digital world improvisation and enhancement of its database. The key factors, which constitute the enhancement in the digital world, are minimizing the time required to transform the entire prototype to a product, implementing portability and regulating the components utilized. In addition, these factors influenced in the standard growth in the mobile industries.

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Enhancing Digital World

Enhancing Digital World

Our digital world is obscured with huge interface, databases as well as high-end applications. There is no doubt that this is very difficult to sustain such a globalized environment. Improvising in the digital world probably depends on the progress in the processing architecture and capability of its interfaces and database. Similar to other technologies, portability and speed are considered as the main factor for the success of this technology. Today’s world requires these features in every product, which are resulted from the IT industry. Continue reading Reasons why SAP HANA is the Best Career move

An Overview Of SAP HANA Hardware


SAP HANA is defined as a compilation of software as well as hardware prepared to process huge real-time data utilizing In-memory computing. If you want to experience the entire support of this platform, it is essential to be familiar with its hardware infrastructure. When it comes to SAP HANA SP12 training, learning about SAP HANA Hardware will support to learn the course more effectively.

SAP HANA Hardware

The SAP HANA is restricted to be installed as well as configured only by the certified partners. HP, CISCO, HITACHI, FUJITSU, DELL, and NEC are some of the leading current Hardware partners of SAP HANA. Discover SAP HANA, which can speed the implementation, drives hardware, support to entry-level systems, storage solutions and appliances are some of the major things that are included in the list.

When it comes to the hardware, there is no wonder to state that there are more than 450 certified appliances. If you want to have a deep look at the Directory of Certified SAP HANA Hardware, just click here.

In addition to these appliances, it is potential to certify some sane config with Enterprise Storage such as EMC VMAX and Violin. It is also potential to utilize any Intel server for the non-production use-cases with any config.  With these certifications, customers can enjoy fantastic flexibility. They can select the storage, vendor and networking of their own preferences. For some non-production situations, they can able to build systems that are more cost-effective. A major notable advantage is that the customer can get their production hardware appropriately provisioned. There is no doubt that incorrect hardware provision can be a costly mistake.


Ways To Scale SAP HANA

When it comes to scaling this framework into immense systems, there are two possible ways. They are scale up and scale out.

The scale-up system can build a single unit with several resources as possible. However, in the scale-out system, a number of smaller sockets are connected to a single cluster database. HANA is known as a shared architecture, hence, it is essential to have a shared storage for the purpose of data persistence.

SAP HANA need a Central Processing Unit to Random Access Memory ratio that is stable for production units. For SAP Business collection, it is fixed at 768GB per socket and for analytic use cases, it is fixed at 256GB per socket. Mainstream Intel units come with 4 to 8 sockets that mean Analytics customers can have the maximum of 2TB and Business suite customers can have the maximum of 6TB, with available hardware in a sole system.

Technical Architecture Of SAP HANA

The technical architecture of this powerful framework is very simple. The following are some of the components of the architecture:


It is based on Westmere EX platforms or Nehalem EX platform of Intel. Since HANA is an immense rack-mount unit, which includes up to 8 CPUs and 80 cores. It is a service hardware, which you can purchase off the online. For example, the DELL PowerEdge R910 along with 1TB Random Access Memory costs around $65k on their official website.

Random Access Memory

There are plenty of RAM choices matched to the CPU of HANA system. For example, twenty cores permit 256GB Random Access Memory. 1TB of RAM costs around $35k approximately.

Fast Log Storage

A preferable choice is Fusion-io ioDrive Duo, though it is very expensive. In some settings, the data and log storage are shared. The latest release of Log storage is Fusion-io ioDrive 2, which is less expensive and faster when compared to ioDrive.

Know More about SAP HANA with Free Live Webinar

Data Storage

It is sized to 4x RAM. When compared to other certified single-node config, this is the cheapest SAS direct storage. With this data storage, it is possible to power down the utilizations and perform tasks like backups. 1TB storage system costs around $15 to 20 K. when it comes to multi-node config, it utilizes some sort of shared storage system.

Note that in addition to the budget of hardware, you need to consider the cost of installation service and support contract for the pre-built system, which is offered by the certified partners of SAP HANA.

Hardware Vendors Of HANA

Several different hardware vendors are offering the service on SAP HANA systems. Mostly all the vendors offer great services. The main difference among the partners can appear in the implementation quality offered by the service professionals. Keep in mind that poorly designed as well as maintained SAP HANA units will not function well.

If you want to use ultra-high-end use-cases, it is essential to consider specific things including better networking and SSD storage. If you want HANA appliances to perform extremely well, it is worth to build with Tailored Datacenter Integration. However, it is unnecessary for standard use-cases. In these days, SAP offers an open hardware platform hence, customers can choose the vendors from multiple choice based on their preference and requirements. Fujitsu, IBM, HP, and Dell are the recommended vendors for better performance.


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Certifications for acquiring skills in the field of SAP HANA

SAP HANA, a market leader in enterprise business software solutions which provides a unique comprehensive training program focused on the specific needs of consultants and organizations. Getting SAP Certified is a benchmark in consultant expertise.


SAP HANA is an on-premise application that gathers real-time insights which comprises of modern hardware capabilities and memory-centric database which yield high-performance engine to process and store data.  SAP HANA provides services that match the requirements as well as enhance the productivity of the organization. SAP HANA is a mature enterprise solution with enhanced capabilities like simplify IT, innovate modern applications, and accelerate insights to run mission critical business processes.


The different roles, responsibilities, duties and tasks in SAP HANA, certifications are also available depending on the area that needs to be chosen.  The following are the certifications of SAP HANA that are required for different role:

#1 – SAP Certified Technology Associate (C_HANATECH151)

SAP Certified Application Associate certification verifies that the candidates possess the required knowledge in SAP HANA for Technology Associate profile and builds on the basic knowledge gained in SAP HANA Training. For this certification, majorly you need to go through three books, they are:

  • HA100: SAP HANA – Introduction
  • HA200: SAP HANA – Operations and Administration
  • HA240: Authorization, Security and Scenarios

 #2 – SAP Certified Application Associate (C_HANAIMP151)

SAP Certified Application Associate certification verifies that the candidates possess the required knowledge in SAP HANA for Application Associate profile and builds on the basic knowledge gained in SAP HANA Training. This is the mostly taken certification which tests your knowledge on HANA Introduction, Modeling, Data Provisioning, Reporting, Security and Advanced Analytics. For this certification, you need go through the following five books namely:

  • HA100: SAP HANA – Introduction
  • HA300: SAP HANA – Implementation and Modeling
  • HA360: SAP HANA – Hands-on Lab
  • HA150: SQL and SQL Script Basics for SAP HANA
  • HA350: SAP HANA – Data Provisioning

#3 – SAP Certified Application Associate (C_HANAIMP_11)

SAP Certified Application Associate certification verifies that the candidates possess the required knowledge in SAP HANA (SPS11) for SAP HANA Application Consultant profile and builds on the basic knowledge gained in SAP HANA Training. For this certification, you need go through the following five books namely:

  • HA100: SAP HANA – Introduction
  • HA300: SAP HANA – Implementation and Modeling


What SAP HANA Cloud App Services is offering Today?

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, an in-memory service offered from SAP that enables users to build, extends, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud. The flexible subscription models and optional services for applications, database and infrastructure can be achieved by instantly accessing the full power of SAP HANA.




The following services are offered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform:

  • SAP HANA App Services
  • SAP HANA Database Services
  • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services


SAP HANA App Services

SAP HANA Application Service is an ideal service which is implemented in extending cloud and on-premise applications by creating innovative, consumer grade applications. The features present in this service enable the real-time, secure applications required to succeed in today’s world that always uses mobile, social and data.


This service supports integration, analytics, mobile, portals and collaboration. It is available on purchasing license and infrastructure subscriptions which are built based on the capabilities of SAP HANA Database Services.


SAP HANA DB Services

This is another unique service provided by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform supported fully by SAP HANA system at a low cost way and easy service that runs with monthly license and infrastructure subscriptions.


This service allows users to develop real-time analytic applications by using the development capabilities of SAP HANA. From 128 GB to 1 TB, fast provisioning of SAP HANA and hardware is delivered by this service with monthly subscriptions in configurations. For easy configuration and administration, this SAP HANA DB Service includes a cloud management console.

SAP Infrastructure Services

By purchasing these Infrastructure subscriptions, users can quickly deploy and manage their pre-licensed SAP HANA instances without hardware investments and setup time.


This service also includes the SAP Data Services component of SAP HANA Cloud Integration that provides seamless integration with SAP back-ends and heterogeneous sources. It is a scalable and affordable way to deploy SAP HANA licenses in the cloud, available in the configurations that range from 128 GB to 1 TB.

All the three services are available to the users via SAP HANA Marketplace. Users can buy either the entire suite of offerings or any of the three individual services.


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