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Role Based training for Quality Analyst

Role-Based-training-for-Quality-AnalystQuality analyst is a challenging and an interesting role. The project implementation helps in developing technical and behavioural skills of an individual. ZaranTech believes in role based training as compared to product based training. This helps the individual to gain working knowledge in an industry. There are certain qualities required to be a quality analyst.  These are:

  1. One must possess an eye for key details so that they can be rectified.
  2. Basic computer and internet skills are mandatory.
  3. Editorial skills are also required.
  4. Excellent communication skills.
  5. Multitasking
  6. Active listening skills
  7. Troubleshooting skills
  8. Problem solving approach
  9. Testing tools knowledge

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Essential Skills for an effective Quality analyst

Skills-for-an-effective-quality-analystIn this article we shall discuss some essential skills of Quality Analyst. These skills are:

  1. ACCESSIBILITY: It shows the level of comfort to reach the service of the individuals.
  2. AESTHETICS: The nature of the services delivered to the customer is shown in this determinant. It includes the atmosphere, its ambiance and the availability of the facilities including to the customers.

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