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5S Methodology in Lean Six Sigma

5S Lean Six SigmaThe workplace capability for an organization can be determined by the principle of Standard and discipline known as 5S. This also helps in maintaining standards of the organization as defined by the quality principle. The 5S principle is commonly used. The various steps in 5S are:

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Understand More about Root Cause Analysis in Lean Six Sigma

Root Cause AnalysisWhile working on problems, we try to understand the basic cause of the problem. The right approach for problem solving techniques is to understand the root cause of the problem. For this we can use Root cause analysis tool of Lean Six Sigma. This shall help the organization to find long term solution for the existing problem. This shall help in finding the best solution for the business. The basic step of root cause analysis is identifying the problem and understanding the problem.

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Why is Six Sigma important ?

sigmaOften we have heard that the work lacks quality and the project is resulting in high cost. So is there any method by which the quality can be improved and cost can be reduced? The answer is YES, the method is six sigma methodologies. Six sigma is a management philosophy that was developed to reduce costs, increase profits and reduce wastage of an organization. The method was developed by MOTOROLA in 1986. It had been made as central business strategy for General Electric in 1995. This method was developed to improve the quality, establish a world class standard and save the cost for the company. As the costs are reduced the revenues generated increase thus creating a profitable situation for the organisation.

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