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Latest news on Java Interface

J1Sometimes, when we hear JAVA a lot of questions come to our mind such as first how computer programs work in JAVA? How to write our own computer programs? In order to inform you about JAVA computer programming language I am writing this article so people who are interested to know about JAVA can read this article and gain detail information about it.

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Importance of Java SQA in Software testing

sqaIn a software organisation project timelines is very important along with the numerous quality assurance activities and software testing. Hence project management teams must ensure timely delivery and proper quality processes for the same. Hence to ensure this purpose we have Java SQA (Software Quality Assurance) is gaining popularity in software industry. Without compromising on quality the software companies must achieve their software testing processes. There are two sets of activities: verification and validation. Verification involves manual testing and scrutiny of the software product and validation involves software testing activities.

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Inside Java2 Virtual Machine

javaWith the recent advancement in virtual machine technology, Java has been the heart of the discussion. The use of first Java machine was seen in 1995. After those years things have been changing for Java platform. As Java is network oriented, the speed of performance is low as compared to C++. With the help of adaptive optimization, this problem has been overcome for Java technology. Sometime, performance is a limitation for Java application. Nevertheless Java is a flexible tool.

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Current Trends in Java technology


cThe information technology market is waiting for Java 8. So let’s see what’s new in Java 8. It has been the most anticipated version. There has been an introduction to lambda expression. What is lambda? It is simplified method for a class. In this version only one abstract method is defined with functional interface. The best thing about functional interface is that they can be assigned to anything that gives meaning to the contract. Interfaces can have many default methods. Time parameter has been represented as period and duration. Continue reading Current Trends in Java technology