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ZaranTech, a leader in e-learning IT courses, is extending an amazing path for everyone to register from their Facebook account to few popular courses such as Quality Analyst, Business Analyst, QTP Selenium, Big Data Hadoop, SAP HANA, Salesforce Developer, Project Management, SAP BW, SAP BO BI and SAP FICO.

ZaranTech provides an ideal training program for professionals who aspire to obtain a career in IT industry. The class prepares participants to play along the relative environment with a simple approach and hands-on with several modules and real-time project implementation.

  1. Big Data Hadoop is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a skillful Developer or Administrator. Today, organizations realize the advantage of implementing Hadoop and its ecosystem. There is great need for Hadoop Professionals with larger implementation.

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  1.  SAP HANA is the fastest growing SAP Platform for both analytics and traditional database usage. It is the Next-Gen platform or database for real-time analytics and applications. It helps businesses and governing bodies to examine business operations in real-time at the lightning speed, yet sub-seconds. There are many employment opportunities available to you

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  1. SAP FICO is the most important module in the whole SAP suite. This provides you the basic understanding of Transaction codes, business process, tables and instructions.

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  1. Business Analysts change the job demands. There is huge employment opportunity due to diverse complications of modern business. Business analysis will keep going and keep growing ending up with multiple systems.

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  1. Quality Assurance is the best opportunity for those who are new to IT industry and want to increase your software testing knowledge and pursue career in it.

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  1. Selenium a suite of testing that automates Web Browsers and Web applications. It provides a portable software testing framework to software testers.

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  1. Salesforce Developer certification validates skills in designing custom made applications and analytics aided by the declarative features of this platform. The person with Salesforce developer certification can modify sales force applications, business procedures and preserve a high degree of workflows.

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  1. Project Management is known as a strategic organizational competence and is all about people getting things done. The value is ascertained by the rapid, global growth of project management as a recognized and strategic organizational competence, subject for training and education and as a career route.

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  1. SAP BW enables you to evaluate market segments which are classified into various strategic business units such as a sales organization, products and customers. The current ‘hot trend’ of providing real-time embedded dashboards is potentially a game-changer for many business executives.

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  1. SAP BO BI is the most innovative business intelligence suite of Business Objects, offers the BI industry’s most advanced and complete solution for performance management, Business planning, Business Consolidation, Dashboard & KPI reporting, query and analysis, Crystal line of reporting, data visualization and in total enterprise information management.

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BA with Healthcare job market

BA-with-Healthcare-job-marketBroadly, the human services industry keeps on being among the most sought after of all callings. As the middle age of the populace ascensions and people born after WW2 stay dynamic into their retirement years, medicinal services administrations are relied upon to extend in light of those demographic movements.

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How to become a Business Analyst in Healthcare domain?

BA in HealthcareHealthcare business analysts request to bolster the potency and profit of medical facilities by evaluating their services, financial activity and information management. A minimum of an academic degree in business administration, Healthcare management or a connected field is usually needed for this position.

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How does a Business analyst change the domain?


How-does-a-Business-analyst-change-the-domainThere has been question that is revolving around; can a business analyst change his domain? The answer is yes. Now let’s see how difficult it is for changing the domain for the business analyst. How to overcome the challenges encountered while changing the domain.

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Rise of Business Analyst in healthcare domain

Rise of Business analysts in healthcare domainThe most demanding sector that is developing right now is that of healthcare Business analyst training . Much of business analysis work is about good decision making. Analysts consider a problem, find the root cause(s), develop alternative solutions and recommend the best solution for the situation. Improving decision making at all levels of an organization improves the short and long-term performance of the business. Senior business analysts are strategic decision makers.  Health Organizations desperately need high quality decision making and leadership.

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What are the recent developments in Healthcare Domain for Business Analysts?

fHow many of us have heard about Health insurance portability? Healthcare Domain has become an integral part of our lives. We are familiar with the term of mobile number portability similarly we have health insurance portability. Due to the flexibility provided by certain medical insurance providers, give an option to switchover to another company. As stated by the guidelines policies by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) this flexibility has been introduced.

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