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Wrangling Big Data Requires Novel Tools, Techniques

Big Data HadoopApache Hadoop has opened up lots of possibilities to analyse big data for an organization. There is a lot of complexity for these applications and the method by which this data is managed effectively. Many people like researchers have access to an array of data to discover significant trends and find out patterns for transactions, sports statistics etc. For example in sports data is large so it needs to merge with larger data. Hence companies must use new approach to deal with big data. Continue reading Wrangling Big Data Requires Novel Tools, Techniques

Courses for Digital Age

Big Data TrainingThe digital age has led to enormous range of data. Thus large amount of information is generated for this age. There are topics that are apropos to our digital lives:

  1. Harnessing Big Data 

Making the most of Big Data is the need of the hour. Certain activities like tweets, posts and videos are creating a huge amount of data. Big data helps in storing, extracting and analyzing the data sets.

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The future of Big Data

Big Data TrainingThere is a pool of data rising rapidly and we are swimming in the pool of data. Huge volume of data and information has been created for millions of connected people, millions of sensors and millions of transactions. Data is being gathered from all the sources including daily lives, oceans, soil, ships etc. Since the data is increasing to large level, in future the data won’t be having any place. Many people like leaders, corporate leaders, health officials, education specialists have wondered whether the data can provide an insight into the behavior of people, their response to various products, their buying intentions and other policy programs. So we are entering the era of Big Data.

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Big Data Debate

Big Data TrainingApache’s Hadoop framework has become familiar with the big data movement and is dominant for data management platform. We used to wonder how can we store the information but now we think on whether we can afford to throw away the information. Big Data Hadoop has changed the economics of analysing and storing the information. It’s easier to store, manage and analyse the information. Hadoop requires lots of hands on coding and limited resources for supporting tools are available. People are doing amazing things with this technology. More robust SQL capabilities have been integrated with Hadoop technology to bring out an entire SQL-based ecosystem.

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Top 8 trends in analytics to watch in 2015

Big Data TrainingThe increase in the number of researchers and analysts should be valued but must not be managed just as an asset. They predict the future of an organization based on the way that they can monetize their data for financial gains. Big Data Analytics is a fast growing field in which the competitors try to innovate and gain advantage over their competitors.  Leading companies are trying to enhance their competitive skills. To meet the current demands, companies are trying to strengthen their competitive skills. Market place is looking for data scientist. Many organizations and universities are working towards the same. There is a significant trend for data analytic field to watch in 2015. The top 10 trends include:

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What skills are important to be Hadoop Developer

SkillsHadoop technology helps in storing large amount of data with the help of cost effective hardware.  Today everything has become digital and we expect that there would be huge volume of data. So we need to find a cheaper way to store volumes of data. Since Hadoop is open source software and for the same reason it acts like the operating system for the same. HDFS is the used by Hadoop. The employees need to work on data. Big Data shall have millions of data to handle. The Big Data specialists can be divided into three groups:

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Limitations of Big Data

BIG DATA HADOOPBig Data Analytics is the new development in the IT market. Currently across the globe organizations are planning to collect large scale data and how does a customer decide based on marketing strategy. Here is a list of limitations for marketing analytics:

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How to become a certified Hadoop developer

Hadoop CertificationYou may have zero knowledge of Hadoop language and this online Hadoop training shall help you to learn the core concepts of Hadoop and MapReduce programming to help you clear the certification examination by Cloudera. The exam is CCD-410 that is Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer. At ZaranTech learning Hadoop is a simple process since we offer right orientation. We shall provide thoroughly defined course curriculum to help you clear the developer certification examination.

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Ready for the salary hike? Learn the Magic behind Hadoop Technology

Pay RiseBig Data Hadoop technology has made the employee more valuable for the current employer. This has also increased the marketability for the future employers.

1. Career Scope with Hadoop:

The survey conducted to understand the demand of Big Data in organizations has shown that 90% of organizations are already using Big Data.

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