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Business Analyst View on Apple Watch

Business Analyst e-LearningAs per Business Analyst, Apple Watch shall be the most profitable product that Apple has rolled out. The analyst has concluded theories for Apple Watch.  The launch of Apple Watch was slow and long. The sales of the product have been excellent in the first few hours. As per the market research millions were sold in just few hours. China has even sold gold Apple Watch in less than an hour.

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Six Secrets of an effective Business Analyst

Business Analyst TrainingA Business analyst affects the outcome of the software project. So what are the skills that they master? Here is a list of six skillset that makes them invaluable:

  1. They understand the core issue of the business problem :

The business analyst must be able to frame and structure a problem properly. This includes use of some technical skills, knowledge of the subject matter and common sense. With these attributes solution is within reach for the problem.

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The rise of IT business analyst

Business Analyst TrainingThe hottest job for IT market is Business analyst. According to Forecast survey the next quarter shall witness hiring of more business analysts. IT business analyst has been rated as one of the top 10 job to pursue with average pay at $85,000. Knowledge of pure technology is less in demand as compared to technology along with the business analysis skills. In older days analyst used to take notes and build a bill for the client but now an analyst is a problem solver. Since companies face complex issues they expect IT to help the business along with the use of multiple technologies to resolve the business challenges.

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Should a Business Analyst design the code

BAWhether a Business analyst must look into the code or not is a debatable question. To be specific it depends on the project demand or the employer. A Business Analyst must ensure he does the following activities:

  1. Have interaction with the stakeholders and the clients.
  2. Drafting the requirements for the business and defining the scope.
  3. High level functional requirements conversion.
  4. Having prototype design and use cases.
  5. Making Test scenarios.
  6. Having functional testing.

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Classic mistakes a business analyst must avoid

Mistakes to avoidThere are some common mistakes that a Business Analyst performs. Let us discuss those mistakes and the methods by which one can avoid those mistakes to be an effective Business Analyst.

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Traits of a successful Business Analyst

saveBased on the industry experiences we can say that a Business analyst must possess some key skills. These skills include:

  1. Good Communication- A BA must have effective communication skills, problem solving skills and must think critically. They must be able to create requirement specification, visual models and sessions for the clients and the organization.
  2. Resourceful- A good Business Analyst is resourceful. Business Analysts involve right people at right time and try to implement an effective path for the organization. They work through problem to find solutions.

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What the Business Analyst Should Be Asking Right Now

ba1Outstanding leaders work hard and work with others to move the organization to greatness. Great leaders make great decisions. The ability to make great decisions about complex, important problems is encouraged and rewarded in successful organizations. This combination of humility and professional will is often found in senior business analysts. BAs are often humble about their skills while working very hard to recommend approaches to handling complex challenges. Consider why humility is an important characteristic of a great leader and decision maker.

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Senior Business Analysts are Strategic Decision Makers

baSuccessful in a challenging career, frequently swimming upstream in organizations, trying to convince people to slow down and analyze rather than rush into decisions. Only individuals with a strong professional will arrive in these senior positions. One of the reasons BAs are so skilled at analysis and decision making is they recognize the value of structured analysis techniques. Senior business analysts have hundreds of these critical analytical tools at their disposal, allowing them to examine a problem or situation from different perspectives (i.e. data modeling, process mapping, business rule analysis).

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Time management an essential trait of a Business Analyst

timeBusiness analysts are known to manage their time efficiently. Their projects range from hours to weeks and months to years. So they need to make the best of the time that is available for them. A Business Analyst must juggle between his time and his stakeholder’s time. Hence it’s tough time for them. Let’s check the various techniques to manage time effectively for Business Analyst:

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