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Know more about Android

AndroidAndroid helps to deliver complete set of mobile applications, middle ware applications and operating system for mobile devices. Some features of Android include:

  1. Open: Android has been developed to utilize the full capability of the handset. The mobile applications help in facilitating the same. For example, the application can use phone’s main functionality like sending messages, calling, using camera and creating better experiences for the user. Linux Kernel is used to build Android. Android uses customized virtual machine so that memory and hardware is optimized in the mobile environment. Android can be used incorporate new technologies since it is open source. Thus Android shall be used to build mobile applications.

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What mistakes the Mobile app developer must avoid?

Mobile App developerThis article shall explain about the most common mistakes that we do while building an application.

  1. Developing an application without the focus on customers. The application is developed considering on the steps for building the application instead of the use of application in real world by the customer.
  2. Developing the application only for specific reason. For example the developer develops the form for touch devices. One must consider the scenario where the application performs on multiple devices. Thus the design must have place to implement new features.

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All About Android Kitkat

AndroidGoogle has come up with latest version of Android technology known as KitKat. It is currently available only for Google Nexus 5 but later it shall be available for other versions, Samsung and HTC. So we can expect these features for our new Android:

  1. Enhanced Memory management: Android KitKat can run on devices with small RAM like 512 MB. It has implemented behind the scenes memory features. This will help in multitasking.

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Is Android training necessary?

androidAndroid is the future for the smartphones. It is the convenient operating system for the smart devices in recent times. Thus millions of devices which are using android serve as a hot cake in future. We shall be creating enterprise application for android mobiles which shall be ready to use. Android training looks into developing fresher to professional. During Android Training program, an individual tries to learn the basics of programming, databases. Android development shall help to understand the following modules:

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Know more about top paying sector

payIn recent days the management has become less popular as compared to IT jobs. The market has developed for IT sector and thus making it highest paying sector for new generation. Thus the people in this sector are receiving heavy pay checks. The data for the placements that are occurring for a year has been discussed. There has been tremendous increase in the wages for Android and iOS developers across the globe.

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Android studio releases first stable version

androidAndroid Operating System has developed throughout the years from modest to complicated versions. Core libraries, APIs have been updated to provide better experiences for the developers and the users. As hardware was updated there was a need for the software updates. The previous codes were updated and the new Android architecture known as Android 5.0 Lollipop came into the market to provide a new virtual machine experience.

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How to save battery by using Android apps?

batteryToday many of us own android phones. These smartphones frequently face the problem of low battery. Everyone has the same problem of battery drainage. We want the manufacturers to increase the life of battery for our smartphones. Due to multitasking the battery life becomes zero for android devices. There are certain best android battery saver apps to save battery for the smartphones.  Now let’s discuss each of the apps in detail:

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Android compilers labelled as Jack and Jill for Google

jackThese six years have been a year of great change for Android development. This Android technology which had been developed in late 2008 has been a boon for the smartphones across the world. There have been massive changes for the existing multimedia and apps for the ecosystem. With the advancement in operating system there has been change in the existing elements. Other factors have become redundant for usage. We had earlier seen the development of Android Lollipop. But now a recent app development for compilers has been developed with the name of Jack and Jill. The Jack and Jill compilers shall replace javac and dex compilers that are used in markets by the developers. Google has planned big for these compiling times ahead. Thus enhancing the development experience in future times ahead.

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Android Apps development cramming the market

androidRecently the market for consumers in android development has increased across the world. We can see that the current downloads have increased above 10 billion. This has been a result of people who are trying to procure those android devices. Due to increase in the market for android devices, certain companies are trying venture into android development area. Android applications have been built for various domains like weather, music, games and travel. Hence we require such applications that are quick in performance, high usability and intractability. This supports many 3D games and applications.

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An Insight to Android Smart Watches

android_wear_device_frame_promoLatest development has led to an Android Smart watch that can last powered till one week. This latest Geak 2 model employs hybrid screen which automatically switches from High definition mode to standby mode for power.

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