baSuccessful in a challenging career, frequently swimming upstream in organizations, trying to convince people to slow down and analyze rather than rush into decisions. Only individuals with a strong professional will arrive in these senior positions. One of the reasons BAs are so skilled at analysis and decision making is they recognize the value of structured analysis techniques. Senior business analysts have hundreds of these critical analytical tools at their disposal, allowing them to examine a problem or situation from different perspectives (i.e. data modeling, process mapping, business rule analysis).

The discipline of looking at a problem from different viewpoints and angles provides a complete picture of all of the components and allows for development of solutions which truly solve the core problem. Not only do analysts find solutions, they often see opportunities for additional improvements over and above the original business need. BAs are realistic about the significance of the problem and the cost of building an effective, long lasting solution. They don’t settle for quick fixes or patches that temporarily address a symptom. They understand a quick fix could make a long term solution even more costly if the root cause is not being addressed. They also recognize fixing a problem may cause other problems and search for solutions which minimize disruptions. They perform cost/benefit analysis weighing the potential benefits of an idea against its potential costs. Being excellent communicators also enhances BA leadership potential. In addition to humility and will, business analysts have a second paradox: They possess both analytical skills and people skills. This unique combination allows senior BAs to converse easily with people at any level of the organization. Even when not working on a specific project, senior business analysts are building new relationships and deepening existing ones. Business stakeholders often ask for advice or suggestions before projects are initiated, considering the BA a trusted advisor. Strong analytical reasoning is respected and pleasant communication styles encourage open, honest exchanges. Stakeholders feel free to honestly describe problems, even when revealing details may not be politically correct. They trust the BA to protect the source of information while figuring out a way to address the problem. When a BA knows the true problem his or her stakeholder is having and can easily ask follow up questions, the BA gets all of the

information needed to make a good solid decision or recommendation. Being humble, the BA is then comfortable to let the stakeholder announce and sell the idea and take credit for its development. The BA is satisfied in knowing a good decision was made and the organization will be stronger.

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