Role of Tableau in Modifying Self-service Data Governance

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Role of Tableau in Modifying Self-service Data Governance

Most countries mandate data protection legislation for information about individual citizens. Supplementary layers of administration are also applied to public company financial data with other protections in Education and Healthcare. Enterprises generally need proof of compliance instead of satisfying with these layers of governance. For all types of organizations data acquisition continues to develop momentum as a crucial activity and with available huge amount of data as any long standing company will choose legacy system in place.

These legacy storage systems will never disappear with On-premise of cloud based solutions. Finding a secure and successful management system for different types of data sources, with random spreadsheets, coupled with a method to get organizations to a higher standard of data quality, it requires a combining of efforts for an IT and business approach. The new features of  Tableau’s provoke groups to use self-service data governance with greater faith.

The Data Governance

Few companies are still struggling with low performance levels but they are capable of better production by leaning on their internal expertise and Business acumen. Self-service analysis authorizes the Business users with the expertise to understand the perception in the data. It’s better to be free from prescriptive reports which answers only small number of questions.

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Enter Published Data Sources

Curated data sources for trust and discoverability can now be produced by data stewards (those users who understand the database and business terminology). Often these two terminologies are not quite the same. Metadata is also important. Consider the following example. Below is an unclean data source (direct connection to database):

Unclean Data Source

And here is an example of a clean data source:

Clean Data Source

  • The clean data source include:
  • Fields are renamed according business users convinience
  • For currencies formatted data types with % and £s
  • Common calculations like profit ratio are also added
  • It is also possible to create folders and other formatting as required. As the Tableau continues to merge through the enterprise fabric with consistent naming conventions is now available in 10.4 and it’s called data source certification.

Benefits of Data Source Certification

Check a Tableau-packaged workbook and its contents were the elements are available. Actually, your data steward  knows about the location of data and its appearance. Data refers to the real data being analysed, but the data steward may not be aware of data visualisation techniques, understand the Business well enough to know about interview procedures.

However, if we allow the data steward to create a certified data source, we allow our business user to focus on what really matters: the visualisation and finding insight within the data.

Data Source Certifications

Allowing data steward to build a certified data source will allow Business user to aim on important matters like visualization and discovering insight within the data.

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Following are the advantages of building certified curated data sources:

  • Pace of Analysis:Suppose the user is focused on checking at the data and not worried about which tables to join, basically they think much on what really matters.
  • Ease of use: Data sources business users are familiar with are key to increase adoption.
  • QA requirements: The need for QA will be reduced if the data sources are certified. This implies a harsh change-control process to the basic elements.
  • Vetting improves with audience size: most of them use the data sources and validate them, so that others can use and depend on the data sources.
  • Performant: Tested Curated data sources are less likely to lead performance headaches to the customers.
  • Web Authoring: Fast parity with Tableau Desktop, allowing business users to analyse in the browser with limited loss of functionality.
  • First point of contact: Many people use Tableau through the Server and Web Authoring that delivers a safe environment to acquire knowledge in for the first time.
  • Training: Tableau has launched Web Authoring-only virtual trainings which are helpful for those which are new to Tableau and self-service.

Final Word for Tableau Server Admins

To introduce self-service at an enterprise level for successful introduction of self-service. The content creators use either workbooks or data sources, it’s important to check how and when that content is being used, and if it’s still performant. Admins should either permit access to a Tableau Postgres repository or build ways in which the metrics can be managed. Not only does this provide a better synergy between IT and the business, it also provides accountability to those who create content. The users can then help IT by making sure the content they create is fresh, in use and performant.

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