Our NEW and updated JAVA JEE SOA Course Details

We are the only company conducting JAVA training at this level, covering CORE JAVA, ADV JAVA (including, Spring, Struts, Hibernate), SOA Fundamentals and product and CLOUD COMPUTING (with Intro to HADOOP and BIG DATA)

Detailed Course Contenthttp://bit.ly/Tq5T5N


PHASE 1: Essential Technologies

1.       a. XML

2.       b. HTML/CSS

3.       c. Java script 

4.       d. OOAD / UML

5.       e. ASSIGNMENTS


PHASE 2: Java Development (version 6/7) – CORE JAVA

1.       a. Java for Developers

2.       b. Using Design patterns

3.       c. Assignments


PHASE 3: Enterprise Development Using JEE Framework (version 5/6)

1.       a. Servlets/JSP

2.       b. JDBC/JAXP/EJB

3.       c. Hibernate/JPA

4.       d. JMS/AJAX

5.       e. Spring 3.0

6.       f. WAS/JBOSS

7.       g. JEE patterns

8.       h. Enterprise Architecture Framework

9.       i. Demo project


PHASE 4: SOA Fundamental and Products

1.       a. SOA Fundamentals

2.       b. SOA Reference Model

3.       c. IBM MQ/ESB

4.       d. FUSE Mule

5.       e. Project


PHASE 5: Cloud Computing for JAVA Developers

1.       a. Cloud Fundamentals: IAAS, PAAS, 

2.       b. Google App engine

3.       c. Introduction to Hadoop and BIG DATA