Skills-for-an-effective-quality-analystIn this article we shall discuss some essential skills of Quality Analyst. These skills are:

  1. ACCESSIBILITY: It shows the level of comfort to reach the service of the individuals.
  2. AESTHETICS: The nature of the services delivered to the customer is shown in this determinant. It includes the atmosphere, its ambiance and the availability of the facilities including to the customers.

  1. ATTENTIVE ATTITUDE: It shows the level of care and services provided by the staff to the customers.
  2. AVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES: This includes the staff and goods availability to the customer.
  3. CARING ATTITUDE: The empathetic nature, patient approach and concern towards the customer by the staff are shown in this determinant.
  4. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR: The external quality is maintained in this level of determinant by the staff to please the customers.
  5. COMFORT FACTOR: The comfort provided physically by the management.
  6. COMMITMENT TOWARDS WORK: It shows the dedication level of the staff towards their job which comprises of satisfying their customers.
  7. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: It shows the accuracy in conveying the messages, information and news in written and verbal form by the staff.
  8. COMPETENCY: This shows the use of professional skills to complete the task to achieve the competitive market value. It includes the implementation of strategic plans, procedures and operating protocols.
  9. COURTESY: This determinant shows the humility and human approach while dealing with the customers. It shows respect, humbleness and a pleasing nature by the staff towards the customers.
  10. FLEXIBILE ATTITUDE: It shows the nature of the staff with a willing attitude to serve their customers.
  11. FRIENDLINESS: It shows the personal warmth provided by the staff towards customers to establish a level of faith and trust in the organization.
  12. FUNCTIONAL APPROACH: The fulfilling of services functional areas and domains lead to the great level of service quality along with customer satisfaction.
  13. INTEGRITY: The practice of being fair, just and honest towards the work and the organization is shown by this determinant.
  14. DEPENDIBILITY AND RELIABILITY: The responsible, reliable and consistent approach of the organization towards their service is evaluated in this determinant.
  15. RESPONDING ATTITUDE: With the fast growing world the customers require instant services with minimum amount of time for waiting.
  16. SAFETY: Personal security, financial security is the top priority service required by the customers from the management to ensure a pleasurable and memorable experience .

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